Infoset has an extremely flexible and advanced user authorization system. You can easily create different authority groups with fine-grained, module-level authorization. Before adding any users to your organization, we recommend creating some authority groups first.

1. Creating Authority Groups

Go to Settings > User Authorities page and click New Group on the left side of the page to create a new authority group. Then, click the newly created authority group, and you'll see a table where you can set module-level authorizations.

You will see 2 tabs on the page: Module Permissions and Voice Record Permissions.

  • In the Module Permissions tab, you can set what the authority group is allowed to do on the app.
  • In the Voice Record Permissions tab, you can set whose calls the authority group is allowed to view, listen, delete, and download.

2. Adding Users to Your Company

After setting up the authority groups for your organization, go to Settings > Users page to create new users.

Click Add New button on the top, then:

  • Fill in the user's basic information and upload a nice, smiley profile picture (if you have one),
  • Select the user's type from the User Type input,
    • Normal user: A user that's only authorized to do a set of actions in the application. You must select an appropriate authority group from the Group Permissions input, by default this user has no authorization to do anything.
    • Manager user: Allowed all access in the application, including adding/removing users, seeing your API key, and more.
  • Click More fields to fill in more details like user's department, language, time format etc.,
  • Click Save.

Simple as that.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us via live chat.