To log in to Infoset with a VoIP user you have created, you need to install a softphone software on your computer or smartphone. Through this software, you can log in to Infoset with the username and password you set for your VoIP user and start making/receiving calls.

Recommended softphones for different operating systems:
iOS: Sessiontalk Softphone (free)
Android: Sessiontalk Softphone(free)
Windows: XLite (free), Zoiper (paid)
macOS: Zoiper (paid), Bria (paid), Telephone (free)

When you download any application, you can log in to Infoset with the following information:

Port: 8860 (if the application does not ask for port specifically, you must enter "" in the domain field)
Username & Password: VoIP username and password you want to connect to. When entering your username, you must also enter the "....A" prefix, so your username should look like 1234A1234.

Sample settings for the Telephone app on macOS:

Sample settings for the SessionTalk app on iOS:

After logging in, you can call external numbers or your extensions from this softphone software and start using the Infoset call center system. Call logs and voice recordings of all calls will be kept on Infoset. You can access your call logs and voice recordings from the Call Center > Call History page on Infoset.